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Check out pictures, from various Events all over the world.


Manufactured HPBs

122 photos


The pictures in the gallery are presented in a thumbnail format to keep loading times short.  Click on a picture or boat name to see the full size image, click on the builder name links (where applicable) to link to the source web-site.

University Displacement HPBs

57 photos

Other Displacement HPBs

137 photos

Expedition HPBs

11 photos

 Hydrofoil HPBs

55 photos

Hydrofoil Others

12 photos

Trailer/Car Top HPBs

26 photos


Check out Clive Armitage's fantastic boat, the Pedal Wa'a.


Go ahead and try this at home!  Thanx to Richard Ehrlich of Palgrave, Ontario for this great shot of six year old Lauren Ball actually water-skiing behind his SpinFin equipped Kawak.


Here's George Tatum's artistic rendering of the boat Ron Drynan worked on in 2001.  It's called "LegShell", and was based on a 27' rowing shell hull with a WaveBike transbox, puller prop, and a pair of outrigger floats which could have been supported by hydrofoils at speed.  He was not too sure about the windshield and tail fin, what do you think?  Click here, or on the graphic for more pictures and info.


Human Powered Boats

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