Pedal Wa'a
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This is the "Pedal Wa'a", built by Clive Armitage of Cobb, Georgia, USA.  


My ama are 10'4" long and 4.25 inches wide with a weight (bathroom scale) of 5.25 lbs.  When I find the groove I can almost keep both off the water at the same time.



The boat is 23'5" long with a max beam of 8 feet and a main hull beam 13.5 inches.

I am spinning a 58 chain ring with a 10 tooth lower sprocket, then through
two(2), 1 to 1 sealed right angle transmissions to the prop via drive shafts
for a 1 to 5.8 gearing.  My fared drive leg is only 1 1/4 " wide with the
prop shaft 10" below the hull. The hull and (na ama) are from Huki Outrigger Canoes, the Stealth model done in vacuum bag glass with carbon
reinforcements.  The pedal tower is from Harry @ Howard, with the
transmission, drive leg, and steering installation of my own design.

Note that the trans at the bottom of the crank tower can be reversed to accommodate either clock wise or counter clock props (like the seacycle), or for a auxiliary power like an electric  motor.  


The two orange rods are glass and provide steering with either hand, through a bell forward of the crank tower to steering cables that run through the boat and exit just forward of the rudder post.  


Like the Pedalos the crank tower can be tilted aft for shorter legged riders, (like my wife), without having to readjust the seat or chain tension.
Here is the drive leg I created, the 90 is inserted into the G-10 leg shaft with a G-10 drive shaft held inline via nylon bushing within the leg shaft.  The fairing is glass epoxy and is hollow and sealed (it floats).  The leg slides in to a 1.25 inch hole in the bottom of the boat and is simply held in place by a single 1/8" pin. 

Human Powered Boats

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