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Spreadsheets for HPB calculations
Balance of Racing Rowing Boats
Blue Skies - Wavelength Magazine - Oct./Nov. 1997
Compact Twisted Chain HPB Drive System
The DuPont Prize - by Doug Milliken
Hull Speed Article
HPW Status Report - by Doug Milliken
Hydrodynamic Drag of Small Sea Kayaks
Kayak FAQ
Kayak Hull Choices
Making a Propeller - by Bill Lee
Popular Mechanics Manufactured HPB Review - June 1999
Stability or Control? - by Doug Milliken
Research and Information
Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics (or hydrodynamics ;-)
Alconda Machine Company
Amateur Yacht Research Society
Arctic Kayak Plans
Bayer Solar and Advanced Technology Boat Race
Bicyclopedia (defunct link)
Bike Culture - Kinetic Sculpture Race (defunct link)
Biker Dave's Pedal Boat comparison chart (defunct link)
BoatBuilder Magazine (ceased publication)
Dave Culp Speed Sailing
Design a Propeller (defunct link)
Dr. Math
Hull Speed Calculator
Human Powered Vehicle Association (HPVA)
"Human Powered Vehicles" Book
IHPVA Boats Mailing Lists
IHPVA Mailing Lists
International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA)
International Hydrofoil Society (IHS)
Kayak Design by Mariner Kayaks
Patents (European)
Patents (U.S.)
NASA Langley Research Center
Nomadic Research Labs
Physics of Sports
Scientific American Magazine
"See How It Flies" on-line book by John S. Denker
UIUC Airfoil Coordinates Database
World Human Powered Vehicle Association records

Human Powered Boats

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