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Click here to see one page with pictures of almost all the prop-driven boats listed below.


Propeller-Driven Boat


AquaFormula AquaFormula (dead link)
Aqua Skipper Inventist
Cadence Open Water Cycling
CrossTrek CrossTrek (dead link)
Escapade Nauticraft Corp.
FrontRower Aquamotion Systems
Hidrobicicletas Hidrobicicletas
Hobie Mirage Hobie

HydroBikes, Inc.

HydroBikes, Ontario

HydroCycle Suncatcher (dead link)
Hydrofoil (Trampofoil clone) Engineering Cafe (dead link)
Hyper 1 Ozone Watercraft, Inc. (dead link)
MicroCat MicroMarine (dead link)
PedalPro Circle Mountain Industries
RiverBike Streamwalker
Scafo Scafo
SeaBike SeaBike
SeaCycle & WaterBike SeaCycles and WaterBikes
Sea Jogger Sea Jogger Systems, Inc.
ShuttleBike Kit

SBK Engineering

Soleau Velosea, Inc. (dead link)

Innospares (still have SurfBikes)

Surfbike Products, Inc. (dead link)

Talassociclo Lamar (dead link)
Trampofoil Trampofoil (dead link)
Trampofoil.Info - new version!
Tret Prop 500 W. E. Birenheide
WaterBike FutureBeach
Water-Cycle (dead link)
WaterSkipper ProPhish, LLC
WaveBike New Cycling Frontiers (dead link)
Wavewalk Wavewalk, Inc.
WaveWalker Hydro-Cycles, Inc.
HPBs Represented Consultants/ Dealers
Aqua Skipper Aquaskipper
ShuttleBike Kit ShuttleBike USA
Hobie Mirage Oak Orchard Canoe & Kayak
SeaCycle & WaterBike

SeaCycles and WaterBikes

PaddleBoat Manufacturer
Aqua-Cycle Aqua-Cycle International
Auto-Canoe Auto-Canoe
Contour BW Marine Products
JetBlade (for canoes) CanectOutdoors (dead link)
Pedal Flot and Hidrocar La Noria S.L.
(for kids!) PowerPaddler Farley Technologies (dead link)
Rainbow Lounger
RiverBike StreamWalker
Solar Pedal Boat Solar
WaterBeetle FutureBeach
various Rockey Company
Other Small Boat Manufacturer/ Dealer
various Backyard Boats
kayaks Chesapeake Light Craft
kayaks Current Designs
various FutureBeach
rowers, dingys Gig Harbor Boat Works, Inc.
kayaks Kayak Corral
various Hobie
Hawaiian outrigger canoes Huki Outrigger Canoes
kayaks Kiwi Kayak Co. Inc.
rowing shells Little River Marine
rowing shells Maas Boats
kayaks Mariner Kayaks
canoes and kayaks Oak Orchard Canoe & Kayak
Port-a-Bote Porta-Bote International
Lady Slipper Rabeneck Co.
rowing shells, kayaks, canoes Sunny Water Sports
various Sportsmen Specialty Products


Note: We do not necessarily endorse or recommend any of these products.  Caveat emptor!


Human Powered Boats

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